Backpacking Cooking Gear Guide – What You Need to Know

Backpacking cooking gear guide – what you need to know
Photo by Sandra Harris on Unsplash

Whether you’re planning your first backpacking trip or you’ve already had a few under your belt I bet you’ve asked yourself the same question – “What will I eat and how will I cook it?” The eating part we’ll cover in another article but here we’ll talk about backpacking cooking gear and choosing the best bang for your buck. Here well cover all the basics you need to know before choosing the right cooking kit for you. We’ll see if cooking with aluminum is good or bad and do you need a spork or not, and what the heck is a spork anyway? After you’ve gotten yourself a nice backpack to hold your gear, you will need to put the most important thing in there – your backpacking cooking gear, and food of course.

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