Comprehensive sleeping pad guide for the practical hiker

A good sleeping pad is an essential part of your backpacking sleeping kit.

Sleeping bags don’t save you from the uneven bumpy floor your tent sits on.  You must have a sleeping pad, the quilt veterans can vouch for that. A sleeping pad not only provides comfort while sleeping on the ground it also provides the insulation you lose when you compress the back portion of our sleeping bag. Otherwise, the cold ground would suck out the heat you produce and you will have a hard time getting warm even with the most expensive sleeping bag. This article will help you decide which sleeping pad is right for you according to the environment you are going to be using it the most in!

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Best sleeping pads for the practical hiker

Finding the best sleeping pad for you can be a challenge, dont’t worry I’ve got you covered! A reliable sleeping pad is an essential part of every backpacker’s sleeping equipment. It provides the missing insulation between you and the ground because we compress the back part of our sleeping bags and they lose most of their insulating properties.

This is where the sleeping pad comes in. It doesn’t only provide insulation but comfort as well. While a good night’s sleep was an unrealized dream for backpackers for many years this isn’t the case in modern times.  With new technology and smart design, sleeping pads have become lighter, more compact and more comfortable. You deserve a comfortable sleep after a full day of hiking. Here I’ve compiled a list of the best reliable backpacking sleeping pads for a reasonable price.

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