Comprehensive sleeping pad guide for the practical hiker

A good sleeping pad is an essential part of your backpacking sleeping kit.

Sleeping bags don’t save you from the uneven bumpy floor your tent sits on.  You must have a sleeping pad, the quilt veterans can vouch for that. A sleeping pad not only provides comfort while sleeping on the ground it also provides the insulation you lose when you compress the back portion of our sleeping bag. Otherwise, the cold ground would suck out the heat you produce and you will have a hard time getting warm even with the most expensive sleeping bag. This article will help you decide which sleeping pad is right for you according to the environment you are going to be using it the most in!

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Sleeping bags, how to choose the right one for hiking!

Hiking sleeping bag guide

Making the right choice from a plethora of sleeping bags for your backpacking trip is vitally important. If you’ve ever been curled up shivering in a fetal position waiting for the warming sun to come up, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t – good, let’s read on to keep it that way!

The sleeping bag has to keep you warm, but not sweating. Comfortable, but not too heavy. After all, that is one of the four most heavy items you will bring on your trip. Should it be a synthetic or a down sleeping bag? Does it have to be waterproof or not? All the answers to questions you didn’t know you had are here!

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Backpacking tents: how to choose the best one on a budget!

blue hiking tent light on a beautifull night

A backpacking tent is arguably the most important piece of gear you don’t want to skimp on. I will show you what to look for while choosing your NOT final
resting place after an enjoyable day of hiking in nature without breaking the bank.

Ok, now that we’ve got the bad pun out of the way, let’s begin! A backpacking tent should be light, waterproof, well ventilated and able to withstand a storm. Sounds simple enough right, lets continue!

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Hiking boots, how to choose your first reliable pair!

Comprehensive guide to hiking footwear

Hiking boots, hiking shoes, trail runners

Choosing your first pair of hiking boots can be quite a challenge, but don’t worry! You are in the right place! Here you will find all the information you need to make the right choice. We will look at what makes a hiking boot special. What features to look for and in what situations you might preffer one type of hiking boot over another.

Actually, after you’ve read this article “foot fetish” would come to mind – I’m joking of course!

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Hiking backpack: how to choose a reliable one!

Comprehensive hiking backpack guide

red hiking backpack in nature


Choosing a reliable hiking backpack might not be that straight foreword. Essentially you are carrying your house for the next few days on your back. You rely on it to keep your equipment and food safe and dry.


You also rely on its ergonomics not to damage your shoulders and lower back.  A proper fit to your torso length is essential.


A good tent, a warm down sleeping bag and comfortable hiking boots might be the three most important items you don’t want to skimp on. But I would add a good backpack to that line up because that is what is going to hold all your gear. And you need your backpack to be reliable because of that.

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